College of Medicine and Health Science



The College of Medicine and Health Sciences (CMHS) is one of the six colleges officially launched by Dambi Dollo University in 2017.  The college was established with mission of providing high quality education, undertaking problem-solving research, knowledge generation, and delivering transformative community services in line with the University’s vision.

  Teaching Programs

The College of Medicine and Health Sciences is led by a Dean accountable to the University Academic Vice President. The three department heads support the activities of the Dean under each department and there are also coordinators for specific activities. In 2017/18 the college enrolled historic 88 students from which 30, 34 and 24 were Nursing, Public Health and Dental Science students respectively. Quality education requires hands over practice for health science students. The college has organized three skill labs: Nursing skill lab, Anatomy skill lab and Dental science skill lab. In addition the college established links with the nearby hospitals and health centers to give better opportunity for the students to learn in more rural settings where most of them are expected to serve up on graduation. 


The CMHS comprises the three premier departments in the university and as such they are expected to produce health professionals who can be quality health care service provider, academicians and/or researchers across the country.

Moreover, the respective departments under the college will take the lead in health research and provide policy makers with the appropriate evidence to plan for the nation’s health.

Community Service

Community service is another key activity of the college. All the members of the college, in collaboration with other stake holders (internal or external), are responsible for and expected to engage in identifying and prioritizing the community problems, develop short, medium or long term planning, implementing and evaluating the plan towards the ever changing societal needs. Foundation of a University means many things for the surrounding community, health facilities, other sectors and professionals. This is true in our situation where people live in area inaccessible for advanced care, 652 Km from central Addis Ababa and 336 Km from Nekemte where they get referral for emergency and more serious cases.

                                              Mission, Vision, and Core Values of CMHS


The CMHS has the mission, within a scholarly environment, of:

  • Providing nationally relevant education in health to produce ethical, compassionate, competent and caring healthcare professionals; conducting problem-solving health researches and pproviding high quality need-based community services


The College of Medicine and Health Sciences envisions attaining excellence in teaching, research and community services by the year 2027.


The CMHS shares and cherishes the core principles of the DaDU at large:

  • Compassionate, Respect and Caring
  • Good Governance
  • Gender Sensitivity     
  • Diversity
  • Academic Freedom and Autonomy  
  • Technology Transfer and Realization
  • Student-Centeredness
  • Teamwork      
  • Initiative
  • Excellence
  • Economic Use of Resource


  • Expand undergraduate and post graduate programs based on country’s need
  • Open Medicine Department
  • Establish university teaching and referral hospital
  • Establish demographic survey site
  • Develop model skill lab with modern equipment and materials
  • Establish in-service training center
  • Establish consultancy center
  • Open relevant up-grade programs