Dambi Dollo University inaguration

Dambi Dollo University (DaDU) was officially accredited and/or recognized by the Ministry of Education in 2007 E.C and began teaching- learning process in 2010.The University was founded by Proclamation of house of ministers No 916/2008 article 39 as well as Higher Education Proclamation No 650/2001 article 5(1). The University is located around Dambi Dollo town, which is 645 km away from Addis Ababa. It is situated on an area of 135 hectares.

This University began its regular work in 2010 E.C by enrolling 1338 students in 36 departments under 6 Colleges and 3 schools.

These are:

  • College of natural and Computational Science,
  • College of Social Science and Humanities,
  • College of Agricultural and Veterinary Medicine,
  • College of Business and Economics,
  • College of Engineering and Technology,
  • College of Medicine and Health Science,
  • School of Performing and Visual Arts,
  • School of Education and Behavioral Science and ,
  • School of Law.

At the time, the University had 149 academic staff, and about 176 administrative staff. In 2011 E.C DaDU enrolled around 1300 first year students. Its enrollment capacity was grown up to 2,600 students.In addition to regular students, Dambi Dollo University has been teaching 720 weekend and 150 summer program students. The University is also delivering postgraduate program in 12 departments by enrolling 242 by weekend and summer programmes.

Today, DaDU is engaged in the provision of quality education, research and community services. The University, though in its infantry stage, has been making remarkable and diverse progress within two years in training, research, and services provision since its establishment. Now, the University is teaching around 3, 750 undergraduate and postgraduate students. By employing 772 both academic and administrative staffs, it is accomplishing all duties and responsibility to realize the targeted vision and mission.

Dambi Dollo University Community Service, therefore, is making a valuable contribution by conducting problem-solving research and providing services to the surrounding communities.Some of the services currently provided by university are: –


Giving free Legal service for surrounding community those need special needs,

Training program on different topics.

Some of the are: –

  • Training on planning,
  • monitoring and evaluation,
  • Motivational Training Program for youth,
  • Strategic Planning Development Training,
  • Basic Computer Skill Training for Zonal and Woreda’s Government Employees and leaders .

Helping community members with special needs with different materials and skills a case in point is working with Dambi Dollo town mayor and sport commission to make maintenance for D/Dollo stadium. Entrepreneurship Training Program for Displaced Community in the vicinity of Dambi Dollo University and Dambi Dollo Airport Making “call for proposal” to undertake research activities that solve surrounding community problems Collected petition to open community radio and others can be mentioned as some of activities done by community service Research and Technology Innovation Research and Innovation Directorate of the university has made 3rd round call for research proposal. Within two years 86 research papers were submitted and 75 researches were approved and are under process. When these research works comes to an end it is hoped that the surroundings community and the country as the whole will be beneficiary from the results. Over all, Dambi Dollo University prepared extraordinary event by hosting 1st Annual Research Conference in June, 2019 on the grand theme “Ensuring sustainable development through resource management, technology and Education’’ before it celebrates its second year’s establishment ceremony. On this research symposium more than 800 abstracts were submitted and 48 papers were selected for presentation from different corner of the country

Dambi Dollo University Graduation Ceremony