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School Of Veterinary Medicine

  Sagni Ragassa:  (DVM, MSc, Assistant Professor)                                                                                                              Dean, School of Veterinary Medicine, Dambi Dollo University                                                                                  E-mail: sagniragassa2016@gmail.com/ dr.sagni@dadu.edu.et                                                                                   Mobile: +251917685298                                                                                                                                                                   Contact Addresses Office:  Gidada Solan Building, G+2

Short Message by Office Leader

Animal health is the key input for community health. Almost all of our society uses animal and animal product for different purposes. It is obvious that Dambi Dollo University is the 4th generation Ethiopian Public University and hence, School of Veterinary Medicine of Dambi Dollo University is also the youngest Veterinary School in the country. However, our school has been launched at a strategic place because of a huge livestock resource, favorable weather condition, fertile soil and other opportunities in the area for livestock production. Despite this resource, prevalent livestock diseases in the area requires further consideration which needs a collaborative support in all aspects from the different parts of the world. So, I warmly call up for all concerning bodies to do with us in launching standard laboratory services and invites professional researchers to conduct problem solving researches and projects in the area. Let stand together to prevent emerging livestock diseases, control zoonotic diseases and eradicate endemic animal diseases to improve the life of our farmers and increase the economy of the country.



Ø  School of Veterinary Medicine of Dambi Dollo University aspires to be a center of excellence in Veterinary education from Veterinary Schools/Colleges/Faculties Universities in Western Ethiopia as of 2027 in producing highly skilled professionals that could play a critical role in solving livestock production constraints and generate new knowledge


Ø  To produce competent veterinarian in all aspects; academically, in research, community engagements, technology and knowledge transfer which involves in livestock production challenges


Ø  Punctuality, Integrity, Loyalty, Accountability, Good governance, Academic freedom


Ø  “Healthy Animals, Healthy Community’


Ø  To produce knowledgeable and skillful veterinarian for the country and the globe

Ø  To conduct problem solving researches related with animal health

Ø  To improve the life of the society by awareness creation for the community on livestock disease prevention mechanisms

Ø  Providing quality education on animal health

Duties and Responsibilities

Ø  Providing quality education for students

Ø  Creating awareness on zoonotic diseases for the surrounding community

Ø  Improving livestock health in all aspects

Ø  Creating awareness on animal welfare and maintaining it

Ø  Conducting researches on livestock disease distribution in the area and recommending the way forward on control and prevention mechanisms

School of Veternary Medicine

          Under Graduate Regular Program

Ø   Department of Veterinary Medicine


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