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Public and External Relations Directorate (PERD)

Background Information

Public and external relations directorate strives to create publicity through planning special events and communicate with the media about each and every activity of Dambi Dollo University. The   Directorate’s intent is to create and maintain a positive public profile for our university. It prepares plans to keep the public aware of the institution’s work. This includes designing press releases, arranging interviews and responding to press requests. As public relations, we are responsible for promoting, managing and maintaining the public’s view of this organization. We provide public information, create media awareness, diminish negative publicity or create positive publicity. To achieve our goal, we carefully craft written, verbal or visual communication and design in different ways for public consumption.

Public and External Relations Directorate has a variety of methods for getting across the exact messages or images we would like to convey. In fact, one of our most important job duties is selecting the most effective mode or modes of communication to meet publicity goals. We reach the public through public information sessions and other special events. We also use media coverage, broachers, flyers, leaflets, web pages, social media etc.

Mission, Vision and Values of the Directorate


Dambi Dollo University aspires to be one of the top ten universities in Ethiopia and recognized University in Africa by 2027. In this main vision of University, Public and External Relations Directorate strives to promote, publicize and institutionalize Dambi Dollo University’s activities with regards to learning- teaching, research and community engagement.  


We envision, at the end of the planned period, to create an institution which is well promoted and is the center of good practices on top of producing problem solving researches and produces skilled, competitive and innovative professionals and researchers and engage in research and technology transfer to contribute to the development of the country and promote democratic culture.

Core values

Innovation and Competitiveness    Efficiency and Effectiveness
Quality and Right Time ServicePublic Interest
Academic FreedomJustice and Fairness
Team WorkAccountability
CommitmentDemocracy and Diversity

Baseline Information of the Directorate

Public and External   Relations Directorate currently has nine staff members. Its main mission is to promote the various tasks that the University accomplishes with regards to teaching-learning, research and extension, as well as community engagement.

In order to accomplish its mission, it uses all media outlets. It closely works with the University’s surrounding community. Furthermore, the Directorate also employs different media outlets to convey the activities that regularly conducted by Dambi Dollo University. The Directorate also prepares an annual newsletter, brochures, leaflets, calendars to further its mission.

Duties and Responsibilities of the Directorate

The directorate gives all necessary and available information regarding to the strategic and annual plan, corporate basic data of budget year and report of three budget year quarters for the university’s staffs, university management board and any other stakeholders. Furthermore, the directorate performs the following activities;

  • Improve Partnership
  • Increase promotion of programmers, research outputs, and services
  • Improve leadership capacity, gender involvement, equity, working capacity and motivation
  • Benchmarking best practices and promoting entrepreneurial thinking
  • Technical advice, monitoring and support
  • Creating enabling environment for achievement of university vision
  • Preparation, dissemination of annual and strategic plan, feedback and plan performance report

Collecting and disseminating basic data of university

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