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Information Technology Directorate

Dambi Dollo University

Our Vision


ICT is a prime mover of performance and Dambi Dollo University ICT Directorate will continue providing services to the entire University community in order to maximize productivity.  We shall therefore continue to facilitate the use of   ICT in order to improve operational efficiency and effectiveness and enhance the global status of the University.

To become a state – of – the art ICT function powering the University in to Center of Excellence in Africa.

Our Mission

To Develop, Deploy and Support innovation, quality and sustainable ICT solutions and services that meet the changing Learning, Teaching, Research, Training, Consultancy and Management needs of the University.

Core Values

  • User First: Consider the user experience in everything we do,
  • Transparency: We leverage open communication and thoughtful business processes to be accountable in our interactions and our work,
  • Equitable and Open: In our service provision and professional approach, providing  access to our expertise and resources,
  • Agile Approach: Adopt a flexible operational approach and mind-set by anticipating and adapting positively to change,
  • Innovation: We encourage creative and critical thinking in the development of technology services and solutions.
  • Stay Secure: Be champions of good practice, proactively managing risks related to Information Communication Technology,
  • Develop our People: Contribute to staff development, continuing to build capabilities and talents to delivery excellent services.

ICT Strategic Priorities

It is aiming to embed a user first approach to deliver service excellence, transformed by leadership in digital technology.

  • Service Excellence: Provide a responsive and user-centric service,
  • Digital Leadership: Engage Leadership to exploit digital opportunities,
  • Better Trust and Control: Embed value, agility and scalability in to operations,

Develop our People: Adopt a flexible approach and develop competencies.


Information Technology Directorate (ITD) develops implements and supports Information Systems and Applications that facilitate the academic and administrative needs of the University.

Our goal is to ensure that Staff, Students and Trainees of the University have guaranteed access to ICT resources for learning, teaching, research, training, consultancy and administrative functions.

Core Functions

  • ICT Infrastructure Development and Communication Services,
  • Application System Development and Services,
  • ICT Training and Consultancy,
  • User Support and Hardware Maintenance,
  • Teaching Learning Technology (E-Learning).

What ICT Does

  • Information Technology Directorate supports the University to reach its strategic goals in education, research, community services, training and consultancy.
  • We provide privilege for Staff, Students and Guest that provide access to university IT resources. Behind the scenes we are busy managing the complex network cabling, configuration, hardware and software that allow you to access our services in person or via the network,
  • Our system developers assist the public relation office in maintaining and improving the website. Additionally, we support other application systems.
  • We will develop and support Online Campus System that enhance courses and tutor feedback. We also support and upgrade audio visual equipment across shared teaching space, which offer lectures to students,
  • We maintain, enhance and support core University systems to handle education, administrative and research data,
  • Our ICT professional provide ICT Training and Consultancy Services,
  • To protect our users from the risks associated with unauthorized access, alteration and attacks, our Security Team monitors the processes and policies that protect the integrity and security of the University systems and equipment.

ICT Services

  • Institutional Email (Google Admin),
  • Website,
  • Online Campus System (E-Learning System),
  • Student Information Management System,
  • Digital Library Management System,
  • Library Automation System,
  • Digital Repository(on progress)
  • Wired and Wireless Internet,
  • Computer Laboratory,
  • ICT Training and Consultancy,
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