Research and Technology Innovation Directorate

                                                    Research and Technology Innovation Directorate  

1 About the Directorate

The full name of the directorate is “Research and Technology Innovation Directorate”. The directorate is established in 2017 in the university as one directorate. Currently, the directorate have a director and coordinator from each college and doing with own plan under research and community service vice president.

The University has been establishing different research facilities from its beginning. The research priorities and thematic areas of the university were determined by considering the problem in local community, the missions and objectives of the university and the needs and priorities of the national and regional development objectives and goals. In identification of research thematic areas and priorities different stakeholders have participated and contributed their input. These thematic areas include environmental protection, education, health promotion and desease prevention, food and nutrition, animal and crop production in kind, quality and quantity, agricultural loss, identify and document the diverse biological resources and collect, store, protect and utilize the plant and animal genetic resources, water resources development, energy, linkage between industry and agriculture, construction, transport and communication, justice and human right, resources utilization, leadership and employees’ motivation, appropriate technology adaptation and transfer, STEM. 

Research outputs are communicated to the end users through different routes like seminars and workshops, annual research conferences, publication on national and international peer reviewed journals, and policy briefs. Relevant research findings also transferred into community service projects to practically solve pressing problem in the community through the coordination of community services directorate. 

The functions of the research system as a whole are: conducting research, consultancy services and participating in seminars and workshops. Although majority of them are simple and specific research topics, we have a number of ongoing and completed research projects which are dedicated to answer many questions in our community.

Currently, the University is effectively working on attracting national and international collaborators on joint research activities and staff research skill building. In our university we are hosting distinguished speakers to present and share their experiences on research to our staffs. Additionally, each colleges/schools have plans to organize seminars and workshops regularly. As the university, regularly we organize regional, national or international research conferences annually.

  1. Research and Technology Innovation Directorate's Message

It is my great pleasure to welcome you to the Research and Technology Innovation directorate wing of the Research and Community Services of Dambi Dollo University on behalf of the Directorate. The directorate is dedicated to conduct research, produce and disseminates scientific knowledge. It is committed to ensure the fulfillment of the university’s vision and the realization of its missions, that have significant contributions to the technological, socio-economic, and socio-cultural development of the surrounding community and the country and beyond at broader.

The research priority and thematic area of the university is guided by research guideline and procedures. However, there is a need to strengthen and diversify the research in keeping with the changing needs. We dedicated to generate knowledge and technology which will be transferred and help in improving the society’s standard of living. Thus, our research needs to be oriented from the practical problems seen in our community at diverse level.

In our research activities, we look to strategic collaborations with local and international research institutions with the intention of achieving critical mass and benefiting from multidisciplinary expertise. The goal of Research is to promote and advance knowledge that bring together scientists in a highly integrated, hypothesis-driven and thematically based research environment. We invite interested researchers to join us in our efforts to advance our initiatives in improving sustainable development through research.

It is my pleasure to remind you to start research of your choice. Let’s focus on health, food, environment, technology, social development, energy, and more. On behalf of our dedicated collages/schools and staff, I invite you to learn more about the research being conducted in Dambi Dollo University.

  1. Mission, Vision and Values of Research and Technology Innovation Directorate


  1. The university’s mission is to produce skilled, competitive and innovative professionals and researchers through student centered teaching & learning method in different disciplines so as to engage in research, technology transfer and rendering accessible community services and contribute to the development of the country and promote democratic culture.
    • Accordingly, the directorate is committed to solve community problems and foster social, economic, political and cultural development of the area in particular and country in general through research to ensure the fulfillment of the University’s mission.


  1. DaDU aspires to be one of the top ten universities in Ethiopia and recognized University in Africa by 2027.

Core values


  • Team Work
  • Innovation and Competitiveness           
  • Efficiency and Effectiveness
  • Quality and Right Time Service
  • Public Interest
  • Accountability
  • Commitment
  • Academic Freedom
  •  Justice and Fairness
  • Democracy and Diversity
  1. Service of the directorate
  1. Research information: the directorate gives all necessary and available information regarding to the research and technology innovation/transfer for the university’s staffs and any other stakeholders.
  2. Reward for submitted research proposals: the directorate in consultation with any concerned body will give appropriate answer for all proposals submitted to the directorate office as per the guideline and policy.
  3. Creating enabling environment for research and publication: as much as possible the office supports and encourages the research activities of the university and publication. This may includes encouraging women involvement in research activities, organizing training to build research capacity, presenting best researchers for research award as per the policy, promoting students research and the like.
  4. Dissemination of the research results: the directorate facilitates and supports the dissemination of the research findings to the users with publication and documentation directorate and other concerned offices.
  5. Technology transfer: supporting and encouraging the staffs and concerned offices in technology transfer activity for stakeholders.
  1. Objectives
  1. To develop problem-oriented researches and solve the societal problems and improve the living standard of the society in scientific way.
  2. To engages in research and technology transfer to contribute to the development of the country
  3. To produces skilled, competitive and innovative researchers and promote excellence in conducting research
  1. Future Plans

However, the future activities of the directorate are not limited to these; the following are some of the major activities to be conducted by the directorate.

  1. Making call for research and development project proposals, review them and approve in collaboration of all concerned offices
  2. Research thematic area review
  3. Follow up of the progress of ongoing research projects
  4. Organizing seminars, workshops and annual research conference
  5. Providing capacity building training on research issues by offering experienced researchers from national and international institutions
  6. Adoption of problem-solving technologies
  7. Establishing experimental site
  8. Organizing forums for scaling up technologies and knowledge for stakeholders, etc

Contact information of the Directorate

Director Name: Melkamu Tamiru (Assistant Professor in Microbiology)

Office Number: 304

Office Phone Number: +251575553193