Presidant Message


                          President's Message

Dambi Dollo University (DaDU) was established in 2008 E.C/ 2016 G.C with proclamation act. 351/2008,in western part of Ethiopia at 652 KM from Addis Ababa, capital of the country in Oromia national regional state. In 2010/2017 university launched teaching-learning process with regular and non - regular programs. Currently the university has 3232 students and 778 administrative, technical supporting and academic staffs were recruited and in operation to accomplish mission and vision of university. The Ethiopian government has embarked on strategy that ensure rapid economic development to realize the vision of the country. The growth policies and strategies of the government has been agricultural led Industrialization which is based on the assumption that rapid increase in the productivity of agriculture could create necessary capital and raw material for industrial development. However, the emphasis by government now is to tune the growth direction from agricultural-led to industry-led economy where Science, Technology, and innovation would have a decisive role in the country’s economic growth and development to speed up its transformation.

 The country has been engaged in massive development activities with a firm determination of becoming a middle income economy by 2025 by setting sound working policies and strategies. These intensive efforts permitted the country to attain significant socio economic growth in the GTP I period. To keep this growth pace and even in an improved rate, science and technology capacity building is one of the essential inputs for this fast development. In this relation, it is obvious that development is the process of accumulating and utilizing technological capacity. This includes the capacity to search, learn, adapt, mainstream, create, use, or manage technology. Experiences from other countries which have gone through the process show that our country needs continuously growing technological capacity for its development. In order to avail this need, the government has designed the right policy and has been working for the effectiveness so that it would be possible to create own technology. In this case, higher education would be an indispensable source of technological capacity building. The government has indicated in its policy that technological capacity building is a tool for industry-led development. This economic transformation requires trained manpower in the areas of science and technology. In this case, the role of higher education includes producing high level professionals that are needed for the overall development of the country.

As a fourth generation University , DaDU is sanctioned as “Empowering Generation .” It is expected to empower the generation by promoting academic excellence in strategic priority programs. It is further expected to be a place for cultivating a new driving force for growth and development of the nation in the 21st century by producing qualified, competent, and socially responsible professionals in the field of science and technology who can undertake ground breaking scientific research and engineering designs.

 In short, the university is to serve as the national hub of science and technology with its sphere radiating into all corners of the country and beyond. By meeting these expectations, the university is to influence scientific and technological trends in the future; to lead, rather than merely support, business practices and public policy. Therefore; it is good opportunity and a big assignment for DaDU to contribute its part in producing well qualified scientists and Engineers that nurture and lead the country in all the sectors.

Leta Tesfaye (PhD)


Dambi Dollo University