Dambi Dollo University Library


Dambi Dolo University library plays a strategically vital role in supporting the main activities of the University, which are the teaching-learning and research activities. The Library gives a 24 hour service which is 7 days per week such as

      1. Circulation service

      2. Binding service

      3. Photocopy service

      4.Cataloge service

The libraries provide a welcoming and optimal studying and learning environment for students and staff members from a wide range of academic disciplines with different needs. Currently, the library is carrying out different activities  which enables it to give a standard library service, i.e. fulfilling a trained and experienced librarians, fulfilling different kinds of materials necessary in a library and the likes. The library is thoroughly increasing its collection mainly with books acquired different sources and, currently the library, maintains over 18,000 books and these holdings comprehensively cover all the subjects taught in all colleges of the university. We have also plans that further meet the needs of its users, which include establishing a digital library and electronic registration of all the clients of the library. And these will obviously have a great role in supporting the academic and research activities of the University and achieve its objectives greatly


To be the leading and more desirable academic library in the country and recognized research-oriented library in Africa by 2027


The mission of DambiDollo University Library is to foster intellectual growth, academic success, and lifelong learning for the students and staff of the university.  Adding  value in the teaching learning process by providing the relevant information resources for students and university   community as academic library.


  1. Transparency and accountability
  2. Team work
  3. Efficiency and Effectiveness
  4. Competitiveness
  5. Tolerance


                                        Biru Ayana (MA in PSIR)    

                      Library & Documentation Director

                      Tel .+251-910177829/0575553006