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Dambi Dollo University Information Communication Technology Development Director Office

The construction of unyielding and complete system of ICT is important to the development and operations of any organization. By understanding this concept; Dambi Dollo University has become proactive in ensuring that the institution has adequate and the most up-to-date ICT infrastructure for operations in today’s life.

Starting from the Establishment of the University (Dambi Dollo University) the ICT team was playing vital role in serving Administrative staff to simplify their work helping the progress of building the University . And also helping the staff in computer and the like device maintenance, providing internet service, giving training as per their request and etc.

Today when Dambi Dollo University starts teaching and learning as well as exercising on community service area, ICT development director participating by providing professional skill in his side in moving forwards to his motto” Empowering the generation”.

Dambi Dollo University has a number of ICT facilities, and each year the institution is making progress towards ensuring that all of its students and staff’s have the most up to date and relevant computer skills for the work force. Dambi Dollo University has some computer labs and we are seeing that small number of our students are becoming equipped with personal technological necessities including personal smart phones, tablets, and laptop. Such personal technologies not only make the life of a student and citizen easier but are also essential for success in a modern workforce. Dambi Dollo University is also ensuring that all students are receiving basic computer education in order to ensure that they are prepared for a wide variety of professional roles upon graduation. 

Mission, Vision, and Objectives


  • Delivering fast and reliable Internet and Intranet service on 24/7 for DaDU communities.
  • Providing reliable and adequate network infrastructure.
  • Ensuring the quality of DaDU ICT equipments.
  • Creating  encouraging teaching-learning, research, community service, management, and administration environment with ICT support.
  • Automating teaching-learning process.
  • Manage operations and maintain ICT infrastructure


  • Make Dambi Dollo University Empower the Generation by connecting to updated technology



  • Providing technical support for University community
  • Participating in serving the community in promoting the life of our society to globally 
  • Develop world class ICT infrastructure which is capable of providing multitudes of services that significantly improve the teaching, research and administrative activities
  • Build the capacity of potential users of ICT resources so that they will make the most out of the resources.
  • Maintain competent, highly qualified and innovative ICT professionals that preserve the existing resources and plan for future expansions
  • Develop high quality computer software by our own experts
  • Provide a system of reliable support for users of ICT resources
  • Provide a standard for procurement of ICT resources and/or services

Services under ICTDD

Services Under Information Communication Technology Development Director Office

The university wide computer network is the basis for several services which will improve the university's teaching and learning process. ICT services that are currently available are:

  • E-mail services: The university has its own mail server with domain name dadu.edu.et. Currently, there are some employees of the university who are using the e-mail service.
  • Official website of Dambi Dollo University: Among several services that the ICT DDO runs and maintains, the Dambi Dollo University Official website is one of the most important ones. And thus, at the moment a serious of improvements are being made to the official website through important users comments.
    The Official website of Dambi Dollo University could be accessed through
  • E-Student System. This is a distributed software system that handles students’ records. The software installed on our server found in data center  monoitored by registrar director is connected to client machines that are spread across the university through the university network.

Contact Us

ICT Director Development Office
E-mail : ICTDD@dadu.edu.et
Website: www.dadu.edu.et




Nabiyu Fikadu Buraka

DaDU ICT development Director