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Community Service Directorate


About the Directorate:

Community Service Directorate, one of the Directorates under the Vice President of Research and Community Services. Our Directorate is engaged to coordinate and supervise the provision of quality training, consultancy services, and demand-driven development projects. It also provides problem-solving technologies, knowledge, and meaningful community service via staff engagement in collaboration with various government sectors, industries, business organizations, development agencies and social institutions.



Dambi Dollo University Community Service Directorate has a mission of offering a relevant, demand-driven and accessible community services.



Dambi Dollo University Community Service Directorate aspires to be a leading demand-driven community service provider in Ethiopia.


Duties and responsibilities

 Coordinate, facilitate and guide training and consultancy services.

Deliver training and consultancy services to various stakeholders in the areas of their needs and requests.

Promote trainings and consultancy services on various professional and technical areas, and provide competitively services with quality

 Facilitate participating departments, schools and colleges involved external partners benefit from financial rewards, recognition, experience sharing and feedback and lessons

 Ensure that University benefit financially from training and consultancy services provided to various organizations and communities

 Promote, support and facilitate ‘staff and student’ engagements in community development activities through different mechanisms such as practicum, community development centered curriculum designing for training, leaflets, bulletins and mass media

 Guide and facilitate organization and documentation of knowledge and innovations generated and developed by each department/program for dissemination and application by target communities

    Guide and support Department in their effort to facilitate delivery of outreach and community engagement services in the areas of excellence of the department  Organize public lectures and seminars on current issues and community concerns


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