College of Business and Economics

                                                                College of Business and Economics


                 Mission, Vision, Values and Motto


  Preparing problem solving researches and produces skilled, competitive and innovative professionals and researchers and engages in research and technology transfer to contribute to the development of the country and promote democratic culture

Our mission is to contribute to the sustainable socio-economic development of the country by producing vibrant, compassionate and responsible citizens through societal needs-tailored curricula, conducting problem-solving researches, through community engagement, and technology transfer.


To be one of the top known college in Ethiopia and recognized in Africa by 2027.

                       Core Values of CoBE

 Our college has following Core values and it’s committed to discharge its values.


  • Innovation and Competitiveness
  •  Efficiency and Effectiveness
  • Quality and Right Time Service
  •  Public Interest
  • Academic Freedom
  • Justice and Fairness
  • Team Work
  • Accountability
  • Commitment
  • Democracy and Diversity

To achieve its vision and to accomplish mission of college developed its own strategies and plans that in line with universities strategies. Based on this, college emphasized its efforts to excel on four themes with eight strategic objectives and goals.

  • Excellence in learning and teaching
  • Excellence in demand driven researches
  • Excellence in community engagement and strategic partnership
  • Institutional leadership and good governance

These four strategic themes encompasses 8 goals, therefore our college strives to accomplish these goals.

  • Producing competent and innovative professionals
  • Human resource development; academic and administrative staffs.
  •  Problem solving research and technology transfer
  • Need based community service
  • Creation and management of stakeholder linkage and partnership 
  • Financial and material resource mobilization, allocation and utilization  institutional leadership, governance and transformation

Quality at all levels: Through strong commitment to high standards in all aspects of its educational activities, research, community engagement and support services as well as through prompt responses to user feedback from stakeholders and supporters, we stand to enhance the competency of all the colleges programs.

Customer first: We put the good of customers first and seek to develop responsible citizens committed to the common good.

Solidarity and teamwork: Enhancing unity and forming cohesive teams determines our future success. Thus, we value solidarity and encourage teamwork in our processes.

Sustainability: The College promotes diversity in its policies and practices thereby to prepare its learners to live and to work successfully in an increasingly diverse society to come.

Invention and innovation: Creativity and innovation as the hallmarks of our efforts, we are in a higher education industry where creativity and adaptation to its changing environment require immediate response to the needs of the community.

Care for staff: Our success is based on attracting, hiring, developing and retaining best employees.

Faithfulness to ethics: We comply with legal, social and professional ethics and norms which are crucial for our development, practices of accountability, transparency, fairness, honesty, and objectivity through commitment to its constituencies.