Academic Vice President Office


The Office of Academic Vice President (AVP)

Reporting to the President, the Vice President for Academic Affairs is the Chief Academic Officer of the University and provides leadership to all academic areas so they reflect the mission of the institution. The AVP is an advocate for all academic programs, providing leadership to faculty and academic staff to ensure consistent quality standards in curriculum and programs that meet the needs of students.

  1.                        Mission, Vision, Values and Motto of the Office of the AVP


My office aspires to meet the needs of academic staff and students by creating a supportive environment and favorable conditions.


To manage and facilitate the implementation of institutional strategy for excellence in teaching and learning by enhancing institutional effectiveness and educational statistics in the way of assuring and enhancing academic quality and standards.


Academic freedom, Excellence, Competency, Partnership, Team Work, Efficiency and Effectiveness, Integrity and honesty, Diversity, Justice and fairness, Evidence and scientific reasoning, Dedication to quality…


“Quality education is the fundamental right of every student. And it is also our Concern”


Quality of Education

The Academic Vice President currently operates with all-round support from all Academic directorates, all Colleges/schools, Departments and staffs:

Therefore my office will dedicate all its time to:

Provide leadership for all academic programs and works with the Colleges/Schools deans and Departments to enhance quality education.

Provide leadership in matters of academic policy and administration and regularly advise the President on these matters.

Coordinate with the College Deans and approve the hiring, support, development and evaluation of faculty, staff, and administrators of instructional programs and services and assigning of courses.

Coordinate with the Academic Program and Teachers Development Directorate work on staff promotion and development

Work with Administrative Vice President, develop and implement the annual budget for the academic division of the University; approves expenditures.

Coordinate with the registrar and College Deans for Enrollment Management the preparation of the class schedule each semester; approves the final class schedule.

Perform other duties as delegated by the President and so on.

Tasks ahead of the Office for AVP concerned quality of Education.

The Office for AVP along with Academic Standards and Quality Enhancementis committed to develop standards for performance, teaching learning, research and consultancy services, and good governance paying due attention to the context of the DambiDollo University on one side and national and international experiences on the other side. To this effect, it will stage series of national and international workshops and conferences on academic quality issues from which it will secure inputs for developing its standards.

The Office will also run series of regular annual seminars on the various higher education quality issues in consultation and in close collaboration with academic units and colleges in order to heighten the overall awareness of the University community on quality matters and thereby create sustained public mobilization on academic quality matters and introducing quality tracking systems.

  1. Goals to be achieved

In consistent with the DaDU’s strategic plan, I set the following goals.

Develop academic standards/benchmarks at the university level regarding, class size, teacher student ratio, lab set ups, qualification of faculty for teaching in the various programs, modularization, continues assessment, continuous professional development, graduate thesis supervision and examination, reputability of research journals, student academic codes of conduct, program design, approval and review, university level accreditation, instructional diversity management etc.

Revise regularly following developments in the field of quality assurance and consolidate its organizational structure and develop and revise its strategic plan.

Develop educational management information data bases, generate timely faculty and students related statistics, enrollment profiles, graduation and attrition profiles etc..

General Governance framework of AVP

The government strongly believes that it is mandatory to coordinate and establish a well developed structure in Higher Education Institution (HEI) to contribute in ensuring sustainable and holistic development across the nation. Therefore, if I get the chance to be on this position, I will reform and add new office to the existing one depending on senate legislation the University.

Accordingly the structure of directorate accountable to AVP should be: Other subsidiary office that accountable to Deans, Directorate and Coordinators are:
  • Academic Program and Teachers Development Directorate
  • Academic Standards and Quality Enhancement office
  • College /Schools Deans
  • Registrar and Alumina Directorate,
  • Library and documentation directorate,
  • Continuous and distance education program directorate,
  • Undergraduate program coordinator
  • Post graduate coordinator
  • College/School CDEC
  • Associate Dean for Academic Affairs
  • Associate Dean for Research & Graduate Studies
  • Associate Dean for Student Affairs
  • College/ school Finance and Budget Affair
  • College/ School Assistant Registrar
  • Educational management information unit.
  • The quality management or enhancement unit
  • Staff development center
  • Teaching and Learning    Support
  • Departments