Dambi Dollo University

Mr. Workneh Girma Gelalcha (MSc)
Dean, College of Business and Economics
 Phone No.: +251-921433890
 Office Tel.: +251575553619
 P. O. Box: 260 Dambi Dollo, Ethiopia
 Email: girmaworkneh5@gmail.co
  1. About College of Business and Economics

College of Business and Economics (COBE) was established in 2018 G.C, with department of Accounting and finance, Economics, Business management and entrepreneurship and Management. In 2020 and 2022 respectively, the College opened two and three other departments: the Department of banking and finance and department of marketing management and Business Administration and Information System, Hospitality and Tourism Management, and Logistics and Supply’s Chain Management which are ready to accept students in their respective fields in 2022/3. Thus, the College runs its teaching activities at degree level in the following fields of studies: Accounting and finance, Business Management and Entrepreneurship, Economics, management, marketing management and Banking and finance, Business Administration and Information System, Hospitality and Tourism Management, and Logistics and Supply’s Chain Management.

The College, though young in age, has made notable and different progresses in training, research and service provision by opening need based undergraduate and postgraduate programs and expanding access and equity to higher education to citizens. At present, more than 500 undergraduate students are enrolled in its regular, evening, and weekend programs of Accounting and Finance, Economics, Management, and Business Management and Entrepreneurship.

The college is also training more than 190 students in its three postgraduate programs in weekend; namely, Masters of Business Administration (MBA), MSc in Accounting and Finance, and MSc in Development Economics.

Hence, the college is in performance essential role of making valuable contribution for the overall development of Ethiopia in general and the community in particular by producing professionals in the field of business, finance, and economics equipped with problem-solving research skills.

As far as its staffs are concerned, the college has 50 active academic staff on duty and 5 supportive staffs engaged in different activities.

Furthermore, the college is rendering services in capacity building to various governmental and non-governmental organizations’ employees through its in-service and short-term trainings, engage in conducting problem solving research apart from the teaching and learning programs.

Academic Degrees

  1. BA
  2. BA in Economics
  3. BA in management
  4. BA in Accounting and Finance
  5. BA in Business management and Entrepreneurship
  6. BA in marketing management
  7. BA in Banking and Finance
  8. BA in Business Administration and Information System
  9. BA in Logistics and Supply Chain Management
  10. BA in Hospitality and Tourism Management
  1. MSc ( Weekend program)
  2. Masters of Business Administration (MBA)
  3. MSc in Accounting and Finance
  4. MSc in Development Economics
  1. PhD

  1. Vision And MissionVision of the College

To be recognized as leading (model) college in producing competent leaders, accountant, economist, passionate, ethical and innovative professionals, business minded, and community based organizations through quality education, relevant research, training and community service.


Our mission is producing competent leaders, economist, accountant, managers, market analyst, bankers, and serving community through education, research and outreach.