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1. About the college

College of Business and Economics (COBE) was established in 2018 G.C, with department of Accounting and finance, Economics, Business management and entrepreneurship and Management. In September 2020, the College opened two other departments: the Department of banking and finance and department of marketing management both of which ready to accept students in their respective fields in 2021. Thus, the College runs its teaching activities at degree level in the following fields of studies: Accounting and finance, Business Management and Entrepreneurship, Economics, management, marketing management and Banking and finance. The College, though young in age, has made notable and different progresses in training, research and service provision by opening need based undergraduate and postgraduate programs and expanding access and equity to higher education to citizens. At present, more than 600 undergraduate students are enrolled in its regular, evening, and weekend programs of Accounting and Finance, Economics, Management, and Business Management and Entrepreneurship. The college is also training more than 200 students in its three postgraduate programs in weekend namely,  Masters of Business Administration (MBA), MSc in Accounting and Finance, and MSc in Development Economics. Hence, the college is in performance essential role of making valuable contribution for the overall development of Ethiopia in general and the community in particular by producing professionals in the field of business, finance, and economics equipped with problem-solving mind attitude and research skills.

As far as its staffs are concerned, the college has 37 active academic staff and 5 administrative and supportive staffs engaged in different activities. Furthermore, the college is rendering services in capacity building to various governmental and non-governmental organizations‟ employees through its in-service and short-term trainings, engage in conducting problem solving research apart from the teaching and learning programs.

 1.1 Academic Degrees

1.1.1. BSc/BA

  • BA in Economics
  • BA in management
  • BA in Accounting and Finance
  • BA in Business management and Entrepreneurship
  • BA in marketing management
  • BA in Banking and Finance
  • BA in Hospitality and Tourism Management
  • BA in Business Administration and Information System
  • BA in Logistics and Supply Chain Management

 1.1.2. MSc (Weekend program)

  • Masters of Business Administration (MBA)
  • MSc in Accounting and Finance
  • MSc in Development Economics

1.1.3. PhD



 To be recognized as leading (model) college in producing competent leaders, accountant, economist, passionate, ethical and innovative professionals, business minded, and community based organizations through quality education, relevant research, training and community service.


Our mission is producing competent leaders, economist, accountant, managers, market analyst, bankers, and serving community through education, research and outreach. In order to accomplish its objectives, the college is also graduating Masters Students in its weekend programs mainly in the fields of Accounting and Finance, Business Administration, and Developmental Economics. Apart from its compass in Dambi Dollo University, the college is planning to run evening and weekend BA program in different selected Woreda of Kellem wollega zone. This indicates the fact that the college devoted itself to respond to the training needs of business community and industry sector in the country in general and south west Ethiopia in Particular. Apart from teaching and learning, the college staffs are engaged in conducting problem solving research and providing need based training and community services. To this end the college has a plan to establish free training and consultancy center and provide free training and consultancy service for those who are in need, and unable to pay for the service. In order to smoothly run our teaching and learning, research and community services, the college have qualified and capable academic and administrative staffs. To this end, we warmly welcome our students, colleagues and partners to guest, comment and support us in our effort towards producing sufficient and competent graduates who contribute their level best to economic development and nations building, provision of quality training and service to our society.

1.2.3. Specific Objectives

  • To produce Economists (Economic thinkers) with basic skills that would help to teach and do research in areas of economics.
  • To better acquaint the students with solid understanding of microeconomic theories, macroeconomic theories, and other economic issues for intelligent applications of economics in a way that improve the quality, relevance and output of undergraduates in economics in Ethiopia.
  • To equip the students with the necessary methodologies in economics that enable them explain the economic phenomenon, undertake economic analysis and design economic policy.
  • To highlight the different applications of economic theories in various sectors and expose the students to the different sub-discipline of economics [labor economics, agricultural economics, industrial economics, environmental economics, financial economics, etc]
  • Produce graduates with a skill of planning, Project preparation, monitoring and evaluation.
  • To enable the students undertake theoretical and applied researches relevant to the overall development strategy and vision of the country and address national problems of socio-economic roots; and disseminate research findings through outreach program.
  • To promote interdisciplinary collaboration among the various programs in training, research and extension.
  • To offer short term training courses and provides consultancy service for different organizations and community.
  • To show students how economic science evolved, its present and future vision of the field and make them up-to-date with the dynamism of the field.
  • To create professionals who are capable of doing economic researches and contribute towards solving economic problems in the country.

   1.2.4. List of Programs


       Bachelor of Art (BA) in Economics (In Regular and Extension)


       Master of Science in Development Economics (Extension)

     Admission Criteria

   The department is a program of study that normally takes three years to complete for full time regular students and four to five years for part time students. The         department will admit if the student:

  • Have been successfully completed preparatory level schools and pass Entrance examination for the University prepared by Ministry of Education.
  • Have able to pass the standards set by the department.



      Through its programs the department has the objectives of producing

  • Professionals who have developed entrepreneurial skills and knowledge for enterprise development
  • Professionals who are creative and innovative in running small businesses and micro-finance institutions.
  • Professionals who are capable of planning, organizing, directing and controlling activities of private, non-government and government organizations.
  • Professionals who can competently manage marketing, finance operations, human resource, materials, information resources etc.
  • Professionals who are responsive and effective in working with and through others as well as capable of making and implementing decisions.
  • Professionals capable of searching and developing opportunities as well as tackling problems
  • Professionals who are able to face the challenges of todays and tomorrows highly complex and competitive environment.


   More specifically, the objectives are stated as follows

  • Equip students with entrepreneurial concepts
  • Equip students with development of local and international markets
  • Provide students with the sound understanding of the concepts, techniques and applications of production and operation management.
  • Enable students to plan and organize activities in business organizations.
  • Develop leadership skills in directing and controlling business organizations
  • Make students effective in doing market research and financial operations.
  • Enable students to manage material and information resources effectively and efficiently
  • Equip students with the skill of working in team spirit


   The program is aimed at producing graduates that can have adequate knowledge, skills and attitude towards application of Business Management and Entrepreneurship concepts. Specifically:

  • Capable of generating business ideas and assessing feasibility of the idea
  • Capable of preparing business plan
  • Capable of managing projects of different nature
  • Capable of understanding forms of business ownership.
  • Capable of making rational decisions to solve organizational problems and manage conflicts.
  • Capable to competently manage human resources of an organization by understanding individual differences, group behavior and organization level behavior.
  • Design appropriate and robust strategies to shape or cope up with changing organizational environment
  • Capable of planning, organizing, directing and controlling the activities of all types of organizations
  • Responsive and effective in working with and through others by developing an understanding of common goal
  • Manage material resources and operations of an organization
  • Conduct research and consultancy service in entrepreneurship and related areas and offer training for those who are in need of it
  • Manage financial resources of the organization by applying financial principles
  • Capable of using decision making models in organizational decision making.
  • Capable of understanding the legal, social and ethical responsibilities associated with the management of all types of organization
  • Capable of using information communication technology in utilizing and managing organizational resources
  • Analyze transaction, summarize, record and interpret accounting data for managerial decision making
  • Apply fundamental economic concepts and models in organizational and managerial decisions
  • Apply fundamental marketing concepts and marketing management approaches in domestic as well as
  • International marketing issues and practices.
  • Capable of collecting, analyzing and interpreting statistical data using various statistical tools for managerial decisions.
  • Analyze and manage costs of different organizational activities            
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