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About DaDu

Dambi Dollo University (DaDU) was officially accredited and or recognized   by the Ministry of Education in 2007 E.C and begins teaching and learning process in 2010. The university  was founded by proclamation of house of ministers  No 916/2008 article 39 as well as higher education proclamation  No 650/2001 article 5(1)  The university is located around  Dambi Dollo town, which 645 km away from Addis Ababa. It is situated on an area of 135 hectares.

Today, DaDu is engaged in the provision of quality education, Research and Community Services. The University thought in its infantry stage, has making remarkable and diverse progress within two years in training, research, and service provision since its establishment. Now the university is teaching around 3750 undergraduates and post graduate students. By employing 772 both academic and administrator staff, its accomplishing all duties and responsibility to realize the targeted vision and mission.


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